Project TILI Training

‘Understanding the link between homelessness and modern slavery’ 

Hestia, the leading provider of support for victims of modern slavery in London, and Crisis, the national charity for homeless people, have developed a free training package which explores the links between homelessness and modern slavery, particularly in relation to female victims.

The training has been specifically designed for homelessness organisations and sex work charities, as part of Project TILI.

If you are interested in this free training for your frontline staff, please email [email protected] or contact our trainer on 07825 182317

Project TILI, funded by the Tampon Tax, seeks to develop a comprehensive scoping exercise to identify the issues faced by female victims of modern slavery in relation to homelessness.

The training has now been developed for online delivery due to COVID-19, although face-to-face training will be available again in the future. ‘Understanding the link between homelessness and modern slavery’ is split into 2 half days. The course will enable frontline professionals to:

  • Understand the scale and nature of modern slavery and its relationship with homelessness;

  • Identify when someone you are working with is experiencing or is at risk of modern slavery;

  • Understand statutory support available to victims of modern slavery and how to access support.

Women who escape modern slavery are particularly vulnerable to re-exploitation due to vulnerabilities including homelessness, destitution and learned behaviour. Traffickers may offer accommodation, the promise of a better future or use threats or violence to coerce victims.

However, there is still limited understanding of the scale of modern slavery and its relation to the homeless population and understanding is even more limited with regard to female victims. Many homelessness charities still struggle to identify potential victims of modern slavery.

We hope that by training homelessness charities, we will be able to increase identification rates of women who have been victims of modern slavery and enable them to escape life on the streets.

After completing the training, attendees will be provided with a certificate of completion and will gain access to multiple useful resources and links, including modern slavery and homelessness reports, videos, articles, training package, leaflets and more!

Organisations which receive training will also participate in data collection. Whenever a woman who is homeless and affected by modern slavery is identified by an organisation which received the training, her pseudonymised data will be inputted into a database that will help us to better understand the links between female homelessness and modern slavery. We will provide regular reports of our findings to participating organisations and we will produce annual intelligence reports that will support local police forces in their efforts to combat modern slavery.

If you are interested in this free training for your frontline staff, please email [email protected] or contact our trainer on 07825 182317

Project Tili has been developed as a partnership between key charities working in the fields of domestic abuse, modern slavery, homelessness and housing. The delivery partners of the project are Crisis UK, Hestia (London), Bawso (Wales), Belfast & Lisburn Women’s Aid (Northern Ireland) and Shared Lives Plus UK.

Read Hestia's Underground Lives report on Modern Slavery and Homelessness