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Personalisation services

Last year, Hestia supported 700 adults and children in maintaining their finances.

Through our Personalisation services we work with adults and children to effectively manage their finances and choose the correct type of support to live an independent life with self directed support.

Working with local authorities, we support individuals to employ specialist personal assistants to provide them with emotional and practical support. This can include managing their finances and enabling family members to take time away from their care duties.

Our teams work in Richmond, Newham and Wandsworth. To contact a service, click here.

Charlene’s Story

What I would say about having the Personal Budget is that it’s given me more choice so I can adapt my son’s respite provision to his specific needs. When you’re dealing with your children, you want the very best for them and to have the opportunity and the choice to make the right decisions. Being allowed to make those choices makes a big difference and my son has really benefitted.

His PA (Personal Assistant) is somebody that I have vetted and who I have seen around my son. My son gets to do things and take part in activities that work for him. My other children also benefit by having a break from their brother. They also need to do fun things like every other child and this allows us to have time with them. It could be to sit down and read a book together, it could be to play a board game or puzzle or it could be to go out and do something.

I got really stressed in the beginning but since Hestia has managed my son’s account there hasn’t really been any hassle. I think that’s important for a person like me as I haven’t got time for any hassles – looking after my son is my main priority.

Learning from our service users

The 2014 Care Act required Local Authorities to assign a Personal Budget to all people who are eligible for support. By law, Personal Budget holders can decide how, who with and where they wish to spend that budget in order to meet their needs and achieve the outcomes of their support plan. In response to this growing service area, we asked our clients about what’s going well and what could be done better?

Read the report Personal Budgets: A Lived Experience

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If you are from a local authority or commissioning body and would like to start working with Hestia, please contact Paula Murphy, Director of Performance & Development | [email protected] | +44 (0) 20 7378 3176