If you can't love yourself, how are you gonna love somebody else?!

That was the spirit of our Better Lives Forum (BLF) members this Valentine's Day, as they came together with people supported across our services to mark the occasion.

Too often Valentine's Day shines the light on loved-up couples, with supermarket shelves lined with chocolates, cards and roses. It's the relationship you hold with yourself that is the most important, however - and the BLF forum were keen to spread the message far and wide.

Around 70 individuals attended the BLF Self Love Social on Valentine's afternoon, including BLF members, staff, service users and volunteers, which started with a hearty buffet lunch. This was followed by relaxing hand massages kindly provided by beauty brand Missbeez, long-term supporters of Hestia.

The afternoon continued with an uplifting motivational talk from speaker Karen Lyons, who delivered her talk The Intuitive Self, and spoke passionately about overcoming our challenges, focusing on our uniqueness and embracing our greatness within.

Following this, Lisa Carson from Space Within engaged the group in mindful mediation and breathing exercises, providing us all with a space to appreciate the here and now and live in the moment, taking a moment to notice what was happening in our surroundings.

In order to promote positive well-being, the group were also invited to write on the wall under three separate statements:

  • "My well-being is improved by..."
  • "I appreciate myself because I am..."
  • "My hopes and dreams for 2019 are..."

This was a pivotal activity in the afternoon, encouraging individuals to reflect and let their thoughts out, whilst being supported by their peers. The answers displayed key recurring themes of hope, recovery and love.

Have a think - what would your answers to the above questions be?

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