Team Func

This September 8th, Team FUNC (Fundraising and Communication) are taking part in Rough Runner - a 10K run with 15 'fun' obstacles courses throughout. It will test our endurance, fitness and most importantly, our team spirit. 

Some of the wonderful obstacles are called: 

Swept of your feet...Swing & Miss...Rise & Fall.... and The Travelator! 

Help us reach our target by giving as much as you can so we can continue to help adults and children in crisis across London. Our work includes: 

- Running summer play schemes for children living in domestic refuges so they can have fun just like every other kid.

- Providing counselling to people affected by the Grenfell tragedy.

- Supporting people who have experienced unimaginable horrors as victims of modern slavery so they can rebuild their lives.

- Running daily activities like yoga and art classes for isolated older people.

- Helping mothers and children recover from the trauma of domestic abuse 

Our team consists of:


"From swinging on the monkey bars and yelling "Contenders Ready" in my worse John Anderson impression, to seeing Jet at the Catford Panto, the Gladiators have always held a special piece of my heart. So despite years of avoiding all "challenge" events, I finally succumbed to Rough Runner. Now watching videos of "hang tough" and the "travellator" this seems like a very stupid idea...ESPECIALLY BECAUSE IT'S NEXT WEEKEND!

So to help me channel the determination of Wolf and get through to the finish line on 8th September, I need some extra motivation. So I am asking any of you that have a few spare ££££ to send it my way to support the fantastic charity that I work for, Hestia." 


"Although I haven't done as much training as I would like, it's going to be a lot of fun! I'm a tad dubious as to which obstacles will be in the race but I have come to the conclusion that I will be falling into the water after failing to jump across the balloons...However, I am so proud to be able to do this for Hestia, everyday my colleagues across London help adults and children when they most need support. Any support you can give will mean the world!"


"I’m taking part in the 10km Rough Runner to raise awareness of Hestia’s vital support services. Those most in need are often invisible to the rest of us, whether this be because of a silent mental health issue, abuse going on behind closed doors or an issue that is often misunderstood, such as Modern Slavery. Hestia work to bring these issues out from the dark and into the light, support those affected and prevent others from experiencing them. The Rough Runner is a perfect opportunity to get others aware of Hestia’s work – plus, I’m looking for a quick fix fitness routine…"


"I have always wanted to take part in an event where mud, water and obstacles are involved. Saturday’s rough runner is the perfect opportunity for me to do so and most importantly to raise funds for adults and children in crisis. I am very excited to be taking on this challenge with some of my wonderful colleagues and looking forward to meeting some of our corporate partners who are also taking part on the day.

I think this challenge is going to bring out some of my unknown skills and attributes…." 


"I am a massive fan of “Total Wipeout”, so the opportunity to take part on Saturdays “Rough Runner” was a no brainer for me. Throughout this last year I have proved to myself that any challenge that is placed in front of me, I will give it 100%. I am also looking forward to be doing this challenge with my colleagues. They are a wonderful team to be a part of and I believe we will motivate and support each other around the course. More importantly the main reason for me doing this is to raise money for adults and children in crisis. Having been there myself, I know how important it is to support such a cause." 

See what we have got ourselves into

Team Func