When the first lockdown was announced one of my first thoughts was how awful this was for those stuck at home with an abusive partner. The pandemic has been hard enough for us all, but when you add in the inability to escape from the place you fear the most life must become intolerable; and then there's the children!
Throughout my 39 years teaching Moves Fitness I have been involved in many fundraising events with my students, mostly for charities close to my heart, but not during the pandemic. When I heard Hannah (Captain Tom's daughter) ask us all to take up the challenge of raising money based on the number 100, press ups came to mind! So I will do 5 press ups when we go to the floor, along with some of my students, in every Monday and Wednesday evening class until I have done 100; this way I have witnesses! I appreciate the support you all give me and am grateful for any donation you are able to make to Hestia so they can continue their valuable work.

Sue Thomas