Lucy Shippey

Hi! Our team from Sperry Marine are taking part in Santa in the City to raise money for adults and children is crisis.

Our team is: Alison Rawlings, Ann Driscoll, Anna Foong, Bacchus Blaire, Charlotte John, Charlotte Heaton, Daniela Radu, David Johnson, David Webb, Delphine Islam, Delphine Lainey, Karen Robinson, Lee Gregory, Lijo Joseph-Thanikkal, Louise Kewley, Lucy Shippey, Nathan Nottingham-Mills, Sara Chung-Alvarez  and Vincent Walker.

If you'd like to support us the start time is 7pm, Northbank of the Millennium Bridge. We would appreciate it if you could donate by clicking on the Donate button to give to a good cause.

Santa in the City route map

Santa run route

Lucy Shippey