What is modern slavery?
Modern slavery is a serious crime in which people are coerced or deceived into a situation where they are exploited, for the purpose of making a profit. Modern slavery takes many forms including trafficking for sexual exploitation (including prostitution, strip clubs, escort work and pornography), domestic servitude (including working as cleaners, carers or nannies) and forced labour in work such as nail bars and car washes.

Hestia’s Modern Slavery Service
Hestia’s modern slavery service started in 2011 and we have supported more than 5,000 victims since then. We provide six safe houses in London and Kent, as well as a pan-London outreach service working in every London borough. We are committed to ensuring all survivors of modern slavery receive the support they need to recover and rebuild their lives.

Your support
Your support will enable us to provide specialist emotional and practical support for survivors of modern slavery in London and the South East.

From providing toiletries for survivors when they arrive at our safe houses, to art and craft materials for survivors to learn new skills, your donations will help survivors to build a life beyond crisis.

• £50 could provide materials and travel to access meaningful community activities once a week for a month for a survivor

• £250 could give the opportunity for 10 survivors to attend an art workshop by providing materials, and covering childcare and travel costs

• £2,000 could provide a year of support for a survivor through our Phoenix project, an innovative long-term support programme led by community volunteers

Nicola Ferri