So I was supposed to be running the London Marathon on 26th April 2020, but due to all that has ensued with COVID-19 this has been pushed back until 4th October.

This has now been turned into a virtual race (which in my head is harder) that I still intending to run, it definitely won't be the same as running it on the day but I'm sure it'll still be 'fun', and because it is fun I am happy to take on challenges you can dream up. Just let me know and setup a little wager up against me...

Hestia are a truly amazing charity and do some really incredible work supporting those who need it most in time of crisis. This has been extremely prevalent with the current situation around the world with COVID-19, and those Hestia support need our help more than ever.

I appreciate times are hard for everyone at the moment so thank you for taking time to visit my fundraising page Joseph Russell