Gemma Beaconsfield

Kingston Integrated Mental Health is a service providing practical support to over 100 adults with mental health needs in the Royal Borough of Kingston. The service is made up of one 24 hour supported housing shared house, 30 "step down" flats which provide weekly visiting support from a team of dedicated floating support workers and floating support for individuals already living in their own homes.
The service aims to support people leaving hospital to build and develop the skills and confidence necessary to move towards independence.

As well as being home to 12 of our service users, during the day the house is also a hub open to over 100 service users across the borough of Kingston who come to visit for friendship, support and activities.

One of the favourite and most used rooms in our house is the kitchen, which residents use for a cup of tea and a catch up, for preparing and sharing meals together, taking part in our weekly classes including knitting, art, smoothie and coffee mornings and cooking. The cooking class in particular is very popular and is designed to recognise the joy of eating with friends, the importance of sharing companionship and reducing social isolation and promoting healthy eating and a balanced diet for life.

As you can imagine, our kitchen is a hive of activity that brings much joy to the household but, unfortunately, it has seen better days. We would love to raise money to give our kitchen a make-over to (1) better utilise the space so we can accommodate more service users to our popular activities, and (2) make it a warm, modern and inviting place that celebrates how important the space is to all of our residents, visitors and staff.

As a result, on 5th October 2019, Sal and Gemma from the Kingston Mental Health team will be taking on the Rough Runner 10k obstacle course to raise the vital funds needed. If you can, please give generously to help make these hopes a reality and help improve this vital space which is so important to so many of our service users.

Gemma Beaconsfield