Hestia is an amazing charity working in London and the surrounding areas offering support to victims of domestic violence and modern slavery as well as working with people suffering with mental illness. With the help of their volunteers, Hestia offers many services throughout the community including 33 mental health services and 21 refuges.
Across the country, mental health services are becoming more and more stretched with a growing number of people seeking help especially in the last difficult year. Therefore, we believe the work that Hestia does is vital, urgent and a great cause to fundraise for.
That is why we have decided to run our first half marathon (21k) for Hestia! As a girl who could not run a 5K a year ago this is a massive challenge but one that I am ready to take on (even if I cross the finish line last).
So if you are able to donate please do as the money will go to such a great cause. If you are unable to please send us some words of encouragement instead! Harriet Townsend