I've wanted to compete in the world famous London Marathon. After losing out in the ballot for 8 years I was fortunate to get a good for age place after running the Brighton Marathon in 2018. Yippee! I said until I realized that it clashed with my favourite UK ultra run, The Fellsman. (I've set myself a target of ten consecutive Fellsman, 2020 will be my 9th.) I was torn between the two. :-(

So why not make the most of the clash and do both? I then realized 61 miles and 26.2 miles was 87 miles, just 13 (or a half marathon) short of one hundred miles. The 13 miles is the easier bit. I will probably have a local run on Friday morning before the drive to Yorkshire.

Being an ultra runner the chance of being sponsored for the London Marathon would have been slim, but hopefully this way my craziness will be acknowledged in Hestia's good name.

My inaugral 26 mile London run will follow the day after my 61 mile cross country run.

I love the Fellsman, based in God's own Country of Yorkshire, run by The Scouts. It's a high-level traverse covering more than 61 miles over very hard rugged moorland. The event climbs over 11,000 feet in its path from Ingleton to Threshfield in the Yorkshire Dales.

We set off at 8am on Saturday and I hope to finish at around midnight.

The plan is to be driven back down to London during the early hours of Sunday, and hopefully get time for a shower and then hit the start in Greenwich Park. So apologies to the spectators if I have to skip the shower bit!

After those 100 miles it will be great to think that Hestia will have achieved something too.

Send the pounds, send the love please... #half-ultra-vlm

Duncan Platt