Andrea Timea Takacs

This 10K is a celebration of finding my inner strength to be the person I always wanted to be. I am free, stable and grounded.

I want to celebrate the power of forgiveness and love.

I want to say thank you for all my loved ones who was there for me in the darkest time.

Now I believe you can build something on your vulnerability, because this is how you learn and grow as a human being. As many of you know I had a few tough years, I just hated myself most of the time in my life, I felt shame, guilt, and rage because I could not change on it, I could not fix myself, I felt I am a failure. This is how I felt everyday, and from this perspective the days were a never ending misery.

Now, I feel myself totally good, happy on a daily basis, I discovered my inner sources to heal myself, and I realised this is normal, it takes time to do real change.. I made a huge effort to be in this state, learned a lot about isolation and mental health, forgiveness and love. I was beaten by life, and hurt myself a lot, but I stood up again. And again. And again.

First time in my life I feel I am enough. I am connected with myself. I am grateful for all experiences and struggle, because now I have a better insight and I am capable to help more efficiently. I found my purpose on this journey.

Those of you who suffer,and feel down, I want to say: you are not alone, you are normal, worthy for love, you are enough, this could happen with anybody. Actually it does, more often how we think.

Losing connection with yourself is temporary, keep trying, reach out for help, and you will be grounded again. If any of you want to change on your life or just want to talk I am here anyway. I have some great tools now to lead a better life ,how to beat anxiety and depression.

I would like to help as many people as I can, so I went back to social work and I also studying different things to gain more knowledge and skills. I also would like to raise awareness on mental health, how important is to take care of our soul.

At Hestia, all professionals are working towards the same goal: to empower people and change lives. We support people all across London with different needs and we are the largest support provider for victims of domestic abuse.

Check out our website and the Bright Sky app what we just launched, to help people to find immediate help in case of abuse or if you are concerned about someone.

Thank you so much for your donation!

Andrea Timea Takacs