Written by Marah Rayan, Volunteer

The best way to describe Tahmina is confident. It’s what the 90s generation are famous for. They know what they want, they know they’ve got the skills and their drive heightens their confidence. Tahmina doesn’t wait for me to ask the questions and instead she takes out a piece of white paper and starts listing everything she does and wants to say.

“My journey at Hestia” she starts “I’ve heard about Hestia through my university and really wanted to gain new skills within a charity that supports mental health

Since her start at Hestia in October 2018, Tahmina’s role is an HR assistant volunteer where she has to assist in the recruitment process within the organisation, however, she emphasises the fact that it didn’t stop her from getting involved in many other volunteering opportunities.

“I really enjoy volunteering and getting involved and making a difference” she enthusiastically says “Hestia has enabled me to find a rewarding career. So yeah, volunteering matters” Tahmina hinting at her new full time job that she was able to get by volunteering and gaining the skills that would help her in the long run.

I interrupt Tahmina to ask what her future holds “I found an opportunity as a Recruitment Resourcer and basically screening doctors and nurses and ensuring they’ve got the qualifications for the job”

Since her graduation in public health and health promotion, Tahmina sought out volunteering first to help her kick start her career. “I’ve always been volunteering” she says “I’m quite passionate about mental health. I know that it’s something big in today’s society. A lot of people suffer with it. I suffered with a few personal things as well”

As much as she is passionate about the well-being of others, she is also very driven and goal-oriented.

She speaks of volunteering as the door that enabled her to gain the confidence she wouldn’t have had otherwise.

She now knows “What she’s doing”.

“I recently participated with the 16 days of activism campaign” mentioning the campaign to tackle gender violence “I was able to raise awareness in the campaign through social media” she also passionately talks about the Christmas event in 2018 where she helped wrap 100 gifts for children in domestic abuse refuges.

I look at Tahmina with her strong presence and experience as a woman in her 20s and ask what she recommends about volunteering to people of our day and age.

“Many people think what’s the point if you’re not getting paid. But you have to realise that it does matter. You can gain new skills and get a rewarding career”

And last but not least she wants everyone to know that going into her new job she is not scared at all, on the contrary she is confident.

Volunteer for Hestia

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