50 Voices: The must-listen songs recommended by the people of Hestia

In 2020, we mark 50 years of providing support and hope for adults and children every step of the way of recovery. Throughout the year, we'll be sharing the unique lives and journeys of the people who make Hestia, alongside the books, films and songs that have impacted them the most.

We'll be updating this list weekly - happy listening!

Listen to the full playlist here, and read about why these songs matter to our service users, volunteers and staff below.

  1. Million Years Ago by Adele

As recommended by Tahara, PA to Hestia’s Directors

"The words resonate with a lot of people, on their past and their regrets. It gets me every time. I had the pleasure of watching Adele live and she sang this song. She forgot the words and swore. I just remember the silence, sadness and people in tears followed by just pure laughter, which just made me think that through the tears you should always find something to laugh or smile about!"

  1. Many Rivers To Cross by Jimmy Cliff

As recommended by John, a volunteer for Hestia’s befriending service

“The song that’s impacted me the most is Many Rivers To Cross by Jimmy Cliff for the film The Harder They Come. It’s a Jamaican crime film. I have a big interest in the West Indies, and knowing how hard life can be for the people that live there means that this song always brings tears to my eyes. It’s a sad, emotional voice reflecting on how many rivers there are to cross for a positive future.

  1. Little Me by Little Mix

As recommended by Sara*, who lived in one of Hestia’s domestic abuse refuges

 The lyrics point to a girl telling her younger self to be a bit stronger, to speak up, and to be louder and prouder. These words speak out to me.”

  1. Something Inside So Strong by Labi Siffre

As recommended by Saffron, who is living in one of Hestia’s mental health supported accommodations

It’s an inspirational one for me because it reminds me of my family. We used to sing that at church back in the day when I’d visit them as a child over summer. We sang it here at the house one Christmas and I felt something inside of me that needed to come out. I knew I had more to offer the world.”

  1. Three Little Birds by Bob Marley

As recommended by Judy, a volunteer for Hestia’s Phoenix Project and Ealing Hospital Discharge Service

““Don’t worry about a ‘ting, cause every little thing is gonna be alright”! It’s how I feel about life.”

  1. Smalltown Boy by Bronski Beats

As recommended by Cosimo, Hestia’s Outreach Team Leader at our RBKC Integrated Mental Health Service

“Although I have recently discovered classical music which has now completely taken over my musical tastes, with its layers and variety, one of the songs which moved me the most was Smalltown Boy by the Bronski Beats. It literally helped me coming out as gay, it showed me that it was possible to be who I was, even though it was difficult. It was so powerful!”

  1. The Living Years by Mike & The Mechanics

As recommended by John, Hestia’s Volunteer Manager

“My dad was a functioning alcoholic; he worked every day on a building site, making just enough money to put food on the table. I loved him dearly but didn’t know how to communicate with him. He couldn’t seem to talk about his emotions, so I didn’t either. The song is about wishing you had the opportunity to say what you wanted to say to someone when they were alive.”

  1. Ave Maria by Ashana

As recommended by Jasmin*, a survivor of domestic abuse and volunteer at Hestia’s befriending service

“I’m really into devotion music because it’s so relaxing and uplifting. Ave Maria sung by Ashana has a spiritual vibe to it and feels so healing.”

  1. The Greatest Love Of All by Whitney Houston

As recommended by Rube*, an ex-resident in Hestia’s mental health supported accommodation

The Greatest Love Of All by Whitney Houston. It’s about self-love and having that in the next generation. It’s such a powerful and inspiring song.”

10. Imagine by John Lennon

As recommended by Zoe, founder of ZOEVA and supporter of Hestia's domestic abuse services

"Imagine by John Lennon, as it’s always reminds me the importance of giving back and help those in need."

Listen to our 50 Songs playlist now:

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