05/08/2017 Update:

On Friday, Hestia was informed by Notting Hill Housing Group that six out of the eight rooms are habitable with electricity now restored to the property. Repairs are being completed in the two remaining rooms. As there has been no further damage to the building Notting Hill Housing Group have advised us the refuge will be complete and re-open by Wednesday 9th August.  
Hestia will provide a full-time resettlement worker to support the five women who have chosen to be rehoused into temporary accommodation into RBKC and surrounding Boroughs. Two women are still carefully considering their move-on options from hotel accommodation provided by RBKC. Hestia will ensure remaining possessions are transported from the refuge to their new accommodation as the property is still closed whilst repair work continues. 
We are working with NHHG and RBKC Housing to ensure all steps continue to be put in place to minimize the disruption and provide a safe service.

For press enquiries or further information, please contact: Josh Mclean (Communications Coordinator) at [email protected] or 0207 378 3170 || 07845 555 995


The safety, well-being and empowerment of the women and children who use our refuge services is our priority.

Our staff continue to support the women although a leak which affected three of the occupied rooms has caused some temporary disruption and during this time all seven women and their children in the house have been placed in hotels near the area while repair work takes place.

Women have approached RBKC Homeless person unit and four have been offered and accepted housing in RBKC or neighbouring boroughs. The others are considering their move-on options and potential offers.

Renovation work is continuing and all rooms will be available to re-let by the end of this week. Thank you to Notting Hill Housing for everything. This will allow us to provide support to more families who need support after the trauma of domestic violence and resettlement advice for the women who have just moved on.

We thank all that have been concerned and we can reassure you that all steps have been put in place to minimize the disruption and provide a safe service.


Hestia is commissioned by RBKC to provide the domestic abuse support.  Notting Hill Housing Trust provides the maintenance for the building and manages the property.

At 1.58 am on Sunday 30 July, Hestia’s on call manager received a call stating that water was leaking through the ceiling and the fire alarm had gone off.  The fire brigade attended, and the Notting Hill Housing Trust emergency repairs team were called, as per procedure.

Hestia’s on call manager spoke to each of the women individually during Sunday 30 July and offered them safe passage to a secure overnight room.  It was explained to each of them that this was overnight accommodation only and they would be transferred to RBKC as soon as the house was safe.

The women decided that they would prefer to remain in the refuge overnight (Sunday 30 – Monday 31 July).

On the morning of Monday 31 July the housing repairs team from Notting Hill Housing came to make repairs and the property  should be safely habitable by the end of the day for anyone who strongly wants to return at that stage. For others we are working with Notting Hill Housing Trust to provide emergency hotel accommodation in the local area while further repairs and decorative work is completed.