Hestia Training: Improving awareness and understanding of modern slavery

Modern slavery is a cold, calculating business model with no moral compass. Last year, Hestia supported the majority of victims in London – 624 through safe houses and our pan-London outreach service.

Modern slavery destroys the lives of its victims and is a shame to all of us in a modern society. Last year, Hestia supported the majority of London victims, and this year we have already seen an increase of 30%. The only way to combat this issue is with support by the public, – Patrick Ryan, CEO Hestia.

The public and businesses have a vital role to play in combatting and reporting cases of exploitation.

Hestia’s ‘Introduction to Modern Slavery’ has been informed by the expertise of our advocates. Open to individuals, partner agencies and businesses, this training programme will bring you up to date with the legislation surrounding modern slavery and help you and your organisation to make effective and informed decisions. Be it recognising the signs that someone is a potential victims of slavery to understanding the legal and practical procedures to liberating them from their captors.  The training will cover the following elements:

  • Understanding the crime and the forms of slavery
  • Dynamics of modern slavery in London and England
  • Learn about current legislation and response mechanisms
  • What you can so to support potential victims

For more information contact [email protected]