Georgina's story

Hello, my name is Georgina, and I'm a Refuge Worker at one of Hestia's Domestic Abuse Services. My Hestia journey began when I was a student studying social work - I did two placements, one with domestic abuse, and one in mental health. As a young adult, the placements taught me so much both professionally and personally.

I enjoyed it so much I stayed working as a pool worker across two mental health services. I knew that I had the heart for this role, and being able to get great outcomes for my clients gave me such a warm feeling. It was priceless.

I always remember being on my knees holding a man’s hand to have a blood test in the GP surgery - nobody had managed to get him to have bloods done in years. When it was done, I was just so happy, and we totted down the high street for carrot cake.

But I was always interested in getting back into the domestic abuse sector, so I jumped at the chance when the opportunity came. The survivors I work with inspire me so much. When I think about all the women & children I’ve met and helped, it's something I will always cherish. I always hope to be that professional that makes a difference & understands.

Hestia has given me such wonderful opportunities and I’m now exploring management roles. I’ve met some amazing mentors along my way who I look up to so much, and Hestia will forever hold a piece of my heart.

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The Hestia Approach

The Hestia Approach represents our commitment to making the most effective interventions possible in the lives of those who use our services.

Our approach is based on a single principle: in order to add real value to people’s lives it is essential that we work with them as equals. Our expertise and experience of working with people on their recovery journeys is valuable, and we believe this gives us a great deal to contribute, but we never impose our ideas.

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Equality and Diversity

Hestia is proud to be a Disability Confident employer and offers a lot of support to candidates who may require extra help with their disability. To ensure we can support you to the best of our ability, please ensure you complete our Equality and Diversity form as accurate as possible.

We will only highlight any potential disability to our hiring managers so they are aware they may need to offer reasonable adjustments, not only for the interview process but during your employment with Hestia as well. All other information from the Equal Opportunities form is strictly confidential and only available to our HR department.

Samantha Uwadiae, Head of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion at Hestia said:

 “What excites me about joining Hestia is the organisation’s genuine commitment towards creating a more equitable, diverse and inclusive organisation. I appreciate their dedication towards wanting to build an inclusive culture, courage to challenge themselves and admit more needs to be done and willingness to work in collaboration with staff, volunteers, and service users to identify, understand and address inequities. So, their people feel respected and more able to bring their authentic and full selves to work, free of discrimination and barriers”.