We’re expanding Hestia’s digital experience team

We’re recruiting two new roles in our digital experience team. Here we share the plans for digital experience within Hestia, and how the new roles will enable us to deliver our ambitious digital strategy and organisation mission.

Hestia provides accommodation and community-based support to adults and children in times of crisis. This could be giving someone a home, getting them mental health support, or helping them rebuild their life and live independently. This includes victims of modern slavery and domestic abuse, young care leavers and older people. We’re typically contracted by local authorities, which means you’re contributing to essential local services whilst being part of a smaller, innovative organisation.

In 2019, Hestia made a commitment to explore new ways to provide support to our service users through digital. This came from recognising that our service users’ needs had evolved, with digital becoming an essential part of how people expect to receive services.

Our digital plans

Face to face support will always be central to what we do. However, as an organisation we recognise the potential for digital to strengthen our relationship with service users and support them in their path to a life beyond crisis.

Since 2019, we have developed a digital strategy, which outlines what digital will mean for Hestia, and a roadmap of priority initiatives. We’ve also established multiple levels of governance to steer digital, including trustees, our exec team and client-facing staff.

The digital experience and IT team work closely together to use digital technology to transform the experience for our beneficiaries and the organisation.

Here’s an example of some of the initiatives within our roadmap that the Digital Experience team are working on:

Increasing access and flexibility of services through remote service delivery:

Providing service staff with the training and best practices to deliver services through remote channels, to compliment face to face service delivery


Leaving no one behind in digital transformation through digital inclusion:

Growing our digital skills training service, and finding new ways to support service users strengthen their digital skills


Creating more opportunities for service users to strengthen their mental health and wellbeing by delivering a range of courses:

Developing an online learning platform for service users, focused on mental health and wellbeing content

Identifying opportunities for digital transformation across the organisation:

Helping to facilitate the redesign and simplification of some of our key internal processes


Digital products to support people experiencing abuse:

Driving the uptake and improving the user experience of our domestic abuse focused digital products



The digital experience team

The digital experience team is made up of a blend of people with backgrounds in digital and frontline service delivery. This ensures that we are in touch with the challenges and needs of the people delivering our services and our service users.

Join our team

If you like the sound of our plans and want to be part of it, then we would love to see an application from you. If you’re not sure you meet all the criteria in the job description but still think you have the potential to make an impact in our organisation, then please apply.

Job description – Digital Project Lead

Job description – Digital Content and Engagement Manager