HSBC Global Easter COVID-19 Appeal

This Easter nearly 100 children will experience isolation with their mother and siblings in only one room. With the trauma of domestic abuse still fresh in their memory, these families are on lockdown to keep safe from the spread of coronavirus.

When fleeing to safety these children had to leave their possessions behind including all their toys, books and games. Could you imagine isolating in a single room with nothing to do each day? With the temperature set to rise over Easter and the lockdown continuing, there will be added pressure and anxiety to keep children stimulated and entertained indoors.

We need your support to help families stay safe

Janet is self-isolating with her children in one of Hestia's domestic abues refuges

"This is definitely having an impact on the children, they're unable to go to school and they miss their friends. We try to have a proper routine and divide the time for play and study, but sometimes it’s hard. I have got two children with SEN and going to school is very important, not just for them but for all kids.’’

Help Hestia gift an "Easter Pack" of board games, reading books and activities to every child living in a domestic abuse refuge to keep them entertained and help a family bond in isolation.

With no end date in sight for the lockdown, it’s paramount all children have access to educational resources for their development and we aim to provide tablets for refuges to reach this aim.  

£8 could buy an activity book and set of pens for one child

£23 could buy a set of reading books or a board game for a family 

£50 could buy a whole pack for one child (including an activity book and colouring pens, board game and reading books)

£150 could buy a tablet for children in a refuge to access to educational resources

Other - this amount can buy multiple quantities of the items listed 

Along with your donation, we would kindly appreciate some words of encouragement to share with families during this time. This could be a note or a photo of a picture from your own children shared when you make your donation, a little personal touch in solidarity.