Urgent crisis appeal: help vulnerable adults and children stay safe and well during isolation

The outbreak of COVID-19 is a national emergency. However, the people supported by Hestia are already in a crisis, fleeing domestic abuse, recovering from modern slavery or a mental health crisis.

These crises do not stop, they get worse. Hestia needs our support more than ever.

Domestic abuse will rise as families self-isolate. Our refuges remain open and provide life saving support for women and their children. The mums in our refuges need help to buy food, other essentials and activities for their children during COVID19 lockdown.

The £10 you would have spent on coffee in the office today could change a life.

Modern slavery victims rely heavily on foodbanks. The many mothers in our modern slavery service cannot afford essentials like nappies and formula for their babies. With food banks closing, many victims face destitution and the risk of being re-exploited.

The £40 you would have spent on this months travel card to work this week could change a life.

For people recovering from mental health crises this is a particularly difficult time. We need to ensure we can provide essentials and alleviate anxieties.

The £100 you would have spent on your lunch at work this month could change a life. 

This donation will help families afford essential items at their local supermarket. 

The £250+ you would have put towards your daily commute this month could change a life.

Now more than ever it is vital that, together, we help others to a life beyond crisis.