"When crisis hits, the most vulnerable people in our communities are always first to be affected.

As the new CEO of Belu I had to find a way to help people feel safe, well and secure whilst mobilising other entrepreneurs and business-leaders to do the same.

In partnership with Allbright, we are directing attendees of the All About Food & Drink Summit to donate to Hestia in return for free masterclasses and insight to support their businesses recover from Covid-19."

Natalie Campbell

About the event:

Belu Water and Allbright have joined forces to curate and launch The All About Food & Drink Summit, a full day of online conversations with inspired minds from across the hospitality, food and beverage industries.

As women-led businesses we want to provide actionable tips and insights into the future of hospitality and ensure that collaboration networks are built to get women back to successfully leading the hospitality industry in innovative ways.