Create a Facebook birthday fundraiser

This year marks 50 years since Hestia first started providing support, hope, and a path to recovery for adults and children in crisis.

To mark this milestone, we’re looking for 50 people to donate for their birthday to Hestia using Facebook’s Birthday Fundraiser tool. It’s a simple and easy tool to raise vital funds for our services.

By asking your friends and family members to donate to your birthday fundraiser for Hestia, you’ll be helping to ensure a life beyond crisis for people across London and the South East.

Set up a Facebook fundraiser

How to set up a Facebook birthday fundraiser for Hestia

All you need is an active Facebook account! A month before your birthday, Facebook should prompt you to set up a birthday fundraiser.

Simply select Hestia as the charity you wish to fundraise for and choose the amount you’d hope to raise.

Share with your Facebook friends and ask them to donate to your fundraiser.

All money raised through Facebook fundraisers will go directly to Hestia.

It’s not my birthday – can I still fundraise on Facebook?

You can also set up a Facebook fundraiser any time – even when it’s not your birthday.

Set up a Facebook fundraiser

Let us know!

If you’ve set up a Facebook fundraiser for Hestia, we want to know! We’d love to thank you for your dedication to our cause and encourage people to donate to your fundraiser.