It all started with the donation of a double buggy in 2015. Since then, the Women In Need (W.I.N) network has grown to over 1,500 members who have provided over £30,000 worth of donations to women and children living in Hestia’s domestic abuse refuges in Tower Hamlets.

Now with their fashion line, W.I.N has raised thousands of pounds to provide “un-donatable” items such as sanitary products, underwear and towels.

L-R: Georgie Chambury and founder, Christina Harvey


This Christmas around 300 children will be living in Hestia’s domestic abuse refuges across London. For many of them, this will be their first festive season away from the fear of abuse.

Christina Harvey, founder of W.I.N, describes what they’ve been doing:

“Following elaborate gifts for the children for Eid, Diwali and International Women’s Day, this year W.I.N are focusing on the women in the refuges.

This year, we have donated over 80 gifts to the refuges in Tower Hamlets. Every woman will get a gift and those who are mothers will receive a gift from their child.

This is the time of year for them to feel treasured and valued. My favourite presents at Christmas are always the ones from my son. So this year we wanted to help the children make their mum feel spoilt.

This year we expanded our collection and donated 50 presents to the women and children living in Hestia’s safe houses for victims of modern slavery.

This is a new expansion for us and it was heart-warming to see our members spreading their generosity to the modern slavery team.

The generosity of W.I.N members continues to astound me especially as it has been a beautifully organic grassroots expansion. In an age of eBay where they could sell their high end clothes and toys, they make the effort to bring them to the drop off point and give that item to somebody in genuine need is touching.  All the people who donate are real people. They are mums from my son’s school. They are friends, family, and friends of friends.

Supporting men

Until now W.I.N has always been run by women FOR women – I base our success on that! However as our members hear more about Hestia’s work with victims of modern slavery we have seen a surge in members coming forward with gifts for the male victims.

In response to this interest we hope to launch a male arm of WIN. This will be for the sole purpose of providing clothing and goods for the male victims of modern slavery that Hestia supports

It’s great to see how much it has expanded and I’m so proud to have members stepping forward and offering to run this new phase.”


How you can help

BUY a W.I.N product. All profits from the jumpers, t-shirts and bags go to supporting Hestia’s work with victims of domestic abuse.

BUY the limited edition W.I.N locket from award-winning jeweller Tresor Paris. 25% of the sale will go to Hestia’s work supporting victims of domestic abuse in Gold or Silver plated Gold

Donate to support Hestia’s work with adults and children in crisis