In their recent research, the Mental Health Foundation reveal that only 13% of people report that they are living with ‘high levels of good mental health’ (MHF, 2017). Statistics as shocking as this show it is more important than ever to raise awareness of the support available and tackle the stigma that continues to be attached to mental health.

This year, Mental Health Awareness Week (8-14th May) is focusing on not only surviving with mental help but thriving with your mental health.

At Hestia we support almost 2,300 service users with a wide range of mental health conditions and experiences across our 30+ mental health services. Our wide variety of services range from day centres and befriending to registered care homes providing high-need support.

Join us all week as we speak to the people using our services and our dedicated staff who support them to find out how we can all thrive (and not just survive) with our mental health.



Day 1: Hestia Hounslow Community Mental Health Resource Centre (HCMHRC)

Our service supports its users to thrive by helping people to gain the skills and confidence to build and maintain a future outside the mental health system. We enable this through therapeutic groups, Outreach and providing practical support to those wishing to return to employment or source volunteering opportunities.  The service encourages and supports users to engage with us enabling them to build relationships with others that will last a lifetime.

More information on HCMHRS >> 

Day 2: The Good Energy Club

The Good Energy Club (GEC) facilitates physical activities for those with mental health conditions; its helps individuals to thrive by supporting its members to feel the positive benefits of physical activity to their overall well-being.

Activities are informal with the emphasis being on just having fun and giving it a go. By being a member of GEC not only are individuals improving both their mental and physical health, they are creating routine and structure for themselves, making friends, improving confidence and self-esteem.

“I guess a theme that all Hestia’s support services have in common is that support is flexible and adaptable. Although individuals may be in our services due to their mental health, the condition as such is not the focus – the focus is about supporting clients to live the life they want to be living in the way they want to do so.”

– Natalie Purton – Jones, Team Manager, Hestia Mental Health Services in Kingston

Day 3: Volunteering & Mental Health

Our volunteers work in collaboration with our staff to help people to thrive and feel empowered. Hestia has approximately 300 volunteers who provide further opportunities for people to open up further, explore their interests and build relationships with others beyond their professional network.

We would like to say thank you to all of our volunteers for your continued support in supporting people to thrive and feel empowered to achieve their aspirations!

Clare Carty, Volunteer and Co-Production Manager