The Hestia Approach

The people we help each day are at the heart of what we do, which is why ‘The Hestia Approach’ is crucial in how we work with our service users so that we can change lives. The way that we do this is through our culture, our skills and our policies and procedures.

We developed the Hestia Approach to give our employees the tools to deliver the best possible outcomes for our service users.  This means we look at the way we do things (our culture), we ensure our systems and processes support our culture (our infrastructure) and that our people are knowledgeable and skilled enough (through staff training) to deliver best practice in a clear and consistent way which enables us to better evidence the impact of our work (service user outcomes).

How do we do this?

  • We give our people a clear framework and vibrant culture within which to work – by reinvigorating our culture and sense of identity and commitment through a process of reviewing, restating and recommitting to our organisational vision, mission, values and competencies

  • We develop our peoples’ skills and knowledge to enable them to make the most effective interventions for our service users.  We do this by training all our staff on the recovery model and co-production approach
  • We deliver leadership and change management training to equip our managers to successfully implement and embed change
  • We implement the Outcomes Star (which is underpinned by the Recovery model and Co- production approach) to focus on and evaluate service user outcomes and measures to identify our impact
  • We ensure that our culture is reflected and sustained in our policies, procedures and practices (operational, organisational, human resources and financial) and supported by our internal systems