Children: The forgotten victims of domestic abuse

950,000 Children across the UK are affected by domestic abuse each year, and an estimated  30,000 of them will find themselves living in a refuge.

When a child comes to a refuge, often very little support is available specifically for them. Many refuge services focus on helping the mother, however the effect that domestic abuse has on a child is equally devastating although very different to that of an adult.

Children affected by domestic abuse need specific support that really takes their needs into consideration. By giving them the attention they need we can help them to heal and recover from the trauma they have been through.

These children deserve to be happy and need our help!

At Hestia, we fundraise throughout the year to provide children and family workers who provide specific support to the children who arrive in our refuges.

By making a donation today you could be helping us to give children the care they deserve.  Thank you!