What is Bright Sky?

Developed in partnership with Aspirant, Bright Sky is an innovative smartphone app which offers those experiencing domestic abuse (or those concerned about someone they know) a range of resources which will empower them to seek the help they need and to serve as a comprehensive toolkit.

Using a quick and easy questionnaire and links to further information, Bright Sky allows users to reflect on their relationship and consider elements of it which may indicate that they are in an abusive relationship. It also provides users with the ability to identify situations or dynamics in their friend or family member’s relationship which could mean they are in danger. Bright Sky’s ground-breaking functions provides a first of its kind directory for support providers and an in-app journal function with the potential to support the evidence gathering under the revised Serious Crime Act 2015.

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Bright Sky’s main functions

The Journal: For those experiencing abuse themselves, Bright Sky provides a fundtion to log private journal entries which could potentially support the evidence gathering under the revised Serious Crime Act 2015. Users are able to log entries via text, photo, video or audio recording, which are sent to their chosen email address. Before downloading the application, we strongly advise users to ensure that their chosen email address is not accessible to anyone else. All journal entries will NOT be saved to the phone.

Advocacy Directory: The app contains the first UK-wide directory of independent advocacy services and support organisations including outreach and IDVA services. Users are able to search by their current location by activating GPS on their mobile devices, alternatively they can search by area (county, borough or city), or by postcode.

Information:Users can access a range of resources on topics including: types of abuse, warning signs of abuse, effects of domestic abuse on children, abuse in the LGBTQ+ community, and information on the types of support available for themselves or someone they know.

Assessments: Bright Sky offers users the opportunity to reflect on their own relationship. As many users may be unknowingly experiencing abuse by not recognising the persistent harmful behaviours displayed by their partner, the questionnaire provides an easy-to-use resource which will empower users to identify any possible kind of abuse in their own relationship.

Quick 999 dialler: Bright Sky has a quick 999 dialler visible on each page of the app should a user find themselves in an emergency situation.

** In an emergency situation, always call 999

“This app is a huge step forward to bringing about much needed assistance to those who have experienced the trauma of an abusive relationship. 

The app not only allows victims to record and catalogue all of their personal incidents of abuse which can later be shared with the authorities, but it also allows them to locate the nearest support available to them anywhere and at any time.

We are grateful to Newton Enterprise Consulting for helping us to develop what is in essence a lifeline to hundreds of women and men across the UK.”

Patrick Ryan, CEO at Hestia


If you are an organisation and would like to find out how Bright Sky can benefit you, please contact Josh Mclean (Digital Engagement Officer) at josh.mclean@hestia.org or on 0207 378 3170

For further information or have any comments or questions regarding Bright Sky, please contact Pamela Zaballa (Head of Women and Children’s Services at Hestia) at pamela.zaballa@hestia.org or at 07428 601 450.

For press enquiries, or further information please contact: Lindsey Rennard (Director of Fundraising and Communications) at lindsey.rennard@hestia.org or 07875 672429